Our Patterns & Benefits

Call from DDS Pharmacy Support

Every Pharmacy will receive a call from DDS Delivery Services Pharmacy support team every one hour to register your delivery request.

Quick Delivery Support

All your orders will be delivered in 1 hr from your area to the same area.

Delivery Executive Visit

Delivery Executive will visit your pharmacy and pick the medical goods within an hour.

Any Pharmacy can Enroll

Any types of pharmacy can enroll with us for delivery services. No minimum business value margin required.

Delivering Goods

Our Delivery Executive will delivered medical good to the customer place and collect payment and submit the bills to the customers with signature.

Outbound Customer Support

We will provide outbound customer support to every pharmacy and so pharmacy no need to register every orders via smartphone or applications.

Payment Settlement

All the payments for every orders will be settled immediately to pharmacy while closing the order status. The physical registers will be handled by both pharmacy and DDS Delivery Services in receipt book format. Order will be considered as completed only after the payment received by the pharmacy.

Marketing Support

Marketing and technical support will be provided by DDS Delivery Services to increase customer base and retain the existing customer by maintaining long lasting relationship.